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How to Keep your Composite Door Looking Brand-New

Composite doors as a product are relatively low maintenance when compared to other home improvement products, but there are a few things you can do in order to keep them looking fresh all year round.

These small tasks can help maintain the appearance of your composite door whilst also minimising the effects of wear and tear caused by UK weather.

So, Where Do You Start?


We know cleaning isn’t at the top of the chores list and definitely isn’t something you want to spend your time doing but the benefits a simple clean every now and again can bring to the table is well worth the small sacrifice you have to make in order to keep your composite door looking great.

How should I clean my Composite Door?

To clean the door all you need is hot soapy water and a cloth. You should not use scratchy pads, abrasive chemical cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, bleach, solvent or adhesives. The soapy water will remove any build-up of dirt without causing damage.

You should take the time to clean handles, spy holes, numbers and locks in order to keep your door looking the best it can.


When it comes to maintenance there isn’t much to do when it comes to your composite door. However, we do recommend lubricating any part of the door that moves such as locking mechanisms in order to prevent sticking every 6-8 months. It is best to use specialised products for this task as products such as WD40 will dry out far too quickly.

At Countrywide Windows, we offer a collection of stunning composite doors to homeowners across the country. They offer a superb combination of thermal efficiency, security and incredible beauty.

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