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Is Upgrading to Triple Glazing Worth It?

Your glazing brings many benefits to your home with some you may not even notice or realise is due to your glazing.

From security to energy efficiency your glazing can have a big effect on deterring unwelcome visitors and reducing your energy bills.

Single pane windows are barely existent in this current time and we advise anyone who has single pane windows left in their home to upgrade their windows as soon as possible to ensure your home is as secure and energy efficient as it can be.

The debate we now often hear is whether you should stick with your double-glazing windows or upgrade further to triple glazing. The benefits are extremely similar, triple glazing is just simply more effective when compared to double glazing.

Take a look below to explore the benefits you will receive if you upgrade to triple glazing windows and doors.

A Warmer Home

Triple glazing will use less energy to heat your home and trap more energy in it keeping it warmer for longer periods. This is perfect for the winter months as you will use your heating less resulting in lower energy bills whilst continuing to reap the rewards of a warm and cosy home.

Noise Reduction

Triple Glazing can vastly reduce the noise that comes into and out of your home meaning you don’t have to worry as much about how loud you are or about hearing noises from the outside such as traffic. This is great during the night when you want a good night’s sleep with no disturbances.


Triple glazing windows are harder to break through when compared to double or single glazed windows and therefore they provide a higher level of security for your home. Potential intruders will have a hard time getting in without alerting anyone and therefore they act as a great deterrent.

Upgrading to triple glazing is cost-effective and a great way to save money on future energy bills whilst increasing the security of your home.

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