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What are Trickle Vents

Trickle Vents are a relatively new product in the market that are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. So, what makes a trickle vent so desirable and what do they do? Today we going to take a closer look at them to help you see the benefits they could bring to your home.

The Low Down

Trickle vents are vents that sit at the top of a window or door which can be adjusted to allow more air to flow into your home. This is a great way to improve the overall ventilation of your property. The vents clip onto door/window and therefore can be removed easily and adjusted simply to create the perfect ventilation for each individual property.

Are Trickle Vents Necessary?

According to the current Building Regulations, trickle vents on windows and doors are required in the following areas:

  • On windows and doors to all new-build homes
  • On windows and doors to newly built extensions
  • On replacement windows and doors that currently have them fitted

This is subject to change with alterations always being discussed in Government, so don’t be surprised if trickle vents are required on more products and buildings in the future.

Why Are They So Important?

The quote below from Glazpart sums up why trickle vents are so important in the modern day.

“Over the last few revisions of the regulations, the airtightness of buildings has become an increasing issue. On the one hand, there has been a drive to improve the thermal efficiency of windows whilst reducing energy consumption, as we build greener buildings. The consequence has been that as dwellings are made more airtight and internally generated pollutants affect disproportionately indoor air quality. This may cause adverse health effects unless unobtrusive background ventilation is installed.

Background ventilation is, therefore, necessary to provide a healthy indoor environment for the occupants. The primary purpose of trickle ventilation is to remove polluted indoor air from a building and replace it with ’Fresh’ outside air. Background Ventilation is a key product for a healthy living environment. These small trickle ventilators are designed to deliver controllable whole room ventilation.”

As energy efficient homes of the future step up their game, ventilation will become more important than ever before to ensure that we are breathing in fresh, clean air. Therefore, products such as trickle vents are going to become more present in our homes. There will likely be new ventilation products introduced into the market as we progress in the future which will be vital in these new greener homes of tomorrow.

As always, we will keep you up-to-date with industry news as we hear about it.

Have a great week.

The Countrywide Team

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