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Coronavirus Update – What Does It Mean?

The PM released a statement to announce the strategy to ease lockdown laws and to begin the process of bringing life back to some sort of normality. So, what does this statement mean and how much is life really going to change in the short term?

In the short term, not much is expected to change, you are encouraged to go back to work only if it safe to do so and if this is not guaranteed or it is easier to work from home then you are advised to do that instead. Schools and Universities are not expected to resume until at least June 1st but this is all dependant on how the country and virus reacts to the easing of the lockdown laws.

You can exercise more and spend time outside for leisure purposes such as sunbathing but you must keep your social distance from others. You may also meet one other person from another household, again this is only allowed if you keep your social distance.

A new alert system has been released which you can see below:

This will allow you to see the threat level in order to protect yourself and others from the virus.

When it comes to shopping and non-essential activities June 1st will be earliest date this will be possible and once again this will depend on how we act during the lockdown ease and how the number of infections changes (whether it rises or falls). If the virus spikes again once we ease the lockdown laws it is likely these dates will be pushed back and the lockdown will likely come back into place until we beat this virus.

It is a rocky road ahead and we will almost certainly face setbacks during this ease but we must all stick together and do what is right in order to get rid of this virus once and for all.

Stay Safe and Stay Home where possible.

The Countrywide Windows Team



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